Monday, July 21, 2008


baru lepas makan nasik wif lauk2 aya bawak,
ada sambal udang, sambal ikan bilis n another one yg sgt la pedas tapi x ingat da name die ape...
mulut aku masih panas lagi sampai skang,
huhu, tapi sedaaap, tenkiu aya kerna sudi mengisi perutku yg xdela kosong sangat nih;p

n for wawa, HEPI 24th BIRTHDAY!!!!
i'm glad that u r older than me;p
haha, juz kiddin, i am glad that u r gettin older..
haha, kidin oso,
what i wannna say is, be 24 okie,
kui kui kui...
since we only got 1 life, juz live d life that u dream it to be:D


noname said...

uhuu will dreamzz comes true??

rosealley said...

weelll, it depends, did u really want it 2 come true???hehe

noname said...

naakk~.. tp mcm taaak~

rosealley said...

haha, konflik identiti ke ape nih;p

circleinspoon said...

epi burpday to wawa too!
iya..lauk2 itu suma xda satu pun yg aku masak. aku tukang gaul lauk dalam kuali aje. haha XD

rosealley said...

xpa2, perut aku kenyang je gak, mekaseh2:D

w a w a said...

d only-day-which-ive-waited-all-long has turned out to be as NOTHING!! nothing that can be remembered after all...but GLAD there's still ppl who knows to appreaciate others and know how to express their love, kindness to the ppl-like-me-who-was-really-in-difficult-situation lately~!!

nway, thnx sooo much for d lovely gifs!!! *hugs*

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