Sunday, August 31, 2008


Happy 51st birthday Malaysia!!!!
Tahun ni, the celebration were not as meriah as taun lepas,
but still, i am grateful that we are still merdeka,
n am hoping will always be, same2 la doakaaan yee,
even there's a lot been going on lately,
we are just a big family,
n there will be ups n downs in a family,
that is how i like to think...
xkesahla kaan, yang penting kita merdeka, alhamdulillah
soooo, what's ur any merdeka resolution???heheeee:p

ingat nak bangun awai sok, nak tgok parade kat tv,
tapi kul 7 pg stat tu, skang ni da kul 2pg pun xtdo2 lagi nih, kuikui,
doa2 jela ye dapat bangun:D

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