Friday, October 31, 2008


I've booked the tickets for Hana Yori Dango the Movie on this Sunday :)
I remember started watching this jdorama after Hana Kimi,
and both of them are really a good jdorama,
from H.Y.D i've started to know and like Matsu-jun,
and from this jdorama also,
if i am not mistaken la kaan,
is the starting point of Arashi craziness in the house, ngeh ngeh;p

H.Y.D is also known as Meteor Garden in Taiwan,
but as always, i prefer the japanese version,
can't wait till this Sunday..



circleinspoon said...

ahhh sengalnyer dah nak g tengok

pandangdenganmatahati said...

hah?!! ade the movie punye ke???????
cek x tau pon~~~

rosealley said...

nak tunggu kat tenet cam lambat sangat, aku g tengok jela kat wayang

ade ade, aku pun tau dari wawa, tapi kat tgv klcc ngan tgv sunway je ade, kalo nak g tengok, baik g cepat2, takut show die kejap jek

lina said...

seyes ade?

kne tgk nih....

rosealley said...

yer siyesss;p

w a w a said...

ayat ko:
"....starting point of Arashi craziness...."

ayat aku:
tk kenal maka tak cinta~
tp nih dh bkn love dh nih...nih dh psl kehidupan masa depan dn masa kini nih dh nih....
*yes, u noe what i mean*

rosealley said...

yup i do know,
do what's best 4 u,

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